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AGH Frames the Picture of our Health 

The government provides basic care for all Canadians through our health care system. Often this means that medical equipment becomes old and outdated. But the opportunity exists for communities to choose to have modern, even state of the art equipment. And many communities rally together to purchase and update medical equipment and enhance services.

Our community has generously supported the purchase of two new digital x-ray and two new ultrasound machines. The total cost was $1.8 million! Ongoing additional operational support is provided by the government to encourage this community investment. That means that the generosity of the people and businesses of Almonte are making it possible for our loved ones to have state of the art technology. That means, the next time you, your family and your neighbour needs an ultrasound, or a digital x-ray, take comfort in knowing that the generous people of Almonte made it possible.

We are proud to live in a community like this.



Enhancing our precious resource

We now have an opportunity to bring a CT Scanner to AGH and we have begun “Our Picture of Health to raise the $2.2 million needed. This diagnostic tool will help AGH give us answers! We have full access to the most caring and compassionate experts here in Almonte. But it can be a long wait for the best technology….unless we decide to act!

If your child has a head trauma you can’t wait to get to Ottawa. Sometimes life and death decisions must be made on the spot. When we want answers, we want the best tools possible in the hands of our experts. We want to make sure we give our loved ones the best possible chance of health.

A CT Scan is a vital piece of diagnostic equipment that will provide the people of Almonte – our families and our neighbours the best care possible close to home. It is the next step in ensuring that our Hospital has the resources and tools it needs to keep us all in the picture of health.

As we move forward with the CT Scan we are also ensuring the hospital has the right equipment to run for quality health care and for 2021 replacing 28 of the IV pumps in the hospital is a priority. Approximately 80% of the patients admitted to the hospital will make use of an IV pump for medication delivery, hydration and sometimes blood products. Given this unprecedented time, ensuring our hospital and manor are well resourced has never been more important.


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