How do you play?

It’s simple: Select and purchase your tickets for the weekly draw at www.catchtheacealmonte.ca. You must have a credit card and email address in order to purchase tickets. When purchasing your tickets, you’ll select a virtual envelope number with a playing card inside from the remaining unopened envelopes. If you win the weekly draw, the card in your envelope is revealed. If it’s the Ace of Spades – You WIN the Progressive Jackpot as well as the Weekly Prize! If you don’t have the Ace of Spades, then the Progressive Jackpot rolls over and keeps growing. As the Progressive Jackpot gets bigger your odds of Catching the Ace also grow higher!

Are my tickets automatically entered in every draw?

No. The weekly jackpot resets every week. That’s why you want to purchase tickets weekly. You’re eligible to win every week you purchase tickets for. You aren’t eligible to win on weeks you don’t buy tickets.

Do overturned cards stay overturned?

Yes, they do. Every week, the card in the weekly winner’s envelope is revealed. The more cards revealed over the weeks, the better the odds are that the Ace of Spades is in a remaining envelope.

Can multiple people select the same card?

Yes, when you select an envelope with a card inside, you’re choosing which card is revealed if your ticket is the weekly Prize-Winning ticket.

If there’s one card left after 52 weeks, is that weekly winner also the Progressive Jackpot Winner?

Yes. If it’s week 52 and the Ace of Spades is the only card yet to be revealed, then that week’s Weekly Prize Winner also wins the Progressive Jackpot!

How is the prize split?

Weekly ticket sales are split three ways:

  • 20% Weekly Prize Jackpot
  • 30% Progressive Catch the Ace Jackpot
  • 50% of net proceeds to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 240, Almonte. The Legion is sharing their winnings with the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor Foundation.

What kind of deck of cards is used?

A standard 52-card deck minus the Jokers.

How do you generate the ticket numbers?

An automated process generates your ticket numbers once your order is complete. Once your order is processed, you’ll receive an email receipt with an order summary and your raffle ticket number(s).

When do I get my ticket numbers?

Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive an email receipt with an order summary and your raffle ticket number(s).

What if I didn’t get an email with my numbers?

Sometimes emails get redirected to your SPAM or junk mail. If you did not receive an email with your ticket number(s) please email us at ace@agh-fvm.com.

How is a winner selected?

Winning tickets are selected from the weekly pool of purchased Catch the Ace ticket numbers. This is done via an automated, random number generator (RNG).

Do I have to physically be there for the contest draw to win?

No. All contest winners are notified by email and phone shortly after the draw takes place.

What should I do if I think I’m a winning raffle ticket holder?

Check the www.catchtheacealmonte.ca website each week to see the winning ticket number and to see if the weekly winner has selected the Ace of Spades. If you think you’ve got the winning number, please contact ace@agh-fvm.com.

What methods of payment are accepted for ticket purchases?

We accept payments by Visa and MasterCard. You must have an email address to buy tickets.